Advisor List

1.  Finance - Banking and Insurance Department
  • Banking and Insurance: Lect. Serdar ERDOĞAN
  • Banking and Insurance (evening): Lect. Umut AKDUĞAN
  • Finance: Lect. Seher SÜZEN
  • Finance (evening): Lect. Arzu ERDOĞAN
2.  Accounting and Tax Department
  • Accounting and Tax Practices: Lect. Cüneyt AGUN
3.  Management and Organisation Department
  • Business Administration: Lect. Tolga ERDOĞAN
  • Business Administration (evening): Lect. Tolga ERDOĞAN
  • Logistics: Lect. Elif GİLANLI
  • Logistics (evening): Lect. Meral YILDIZ
4.  Park and Garden Plants Department
  • Landscape and Ornamental Plants: Lect. Mukadder ÜSTÜN KAYA
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