Trakya University Havsa Vocational College was established in 1995. Our college started to education with the programmes of Accounting and Business Management in the academic year of 1995-1996. The College has pursued to education with the foundation of programmes – Finance Banking & Insurance and Greenhouse Cultivation since the academic year of 1998-1999. Havsa Vocational College moved to the new building in 15th September, 2007. By founding the evening degree programmes of Banking, Accounting, Business Management and Finance in the academic year of 2008-2009, the college has pursued to academic education.

In Havsa Vocational College, the students that have enough scores from Ministry of National Exam Chairmanship (OSYM) are enrolled and trained in associate degree education plan prepared by related boards.

It is aimed that the students gratuated from Havsa Vocational College are to be a qualified vocational staff by the education plans prepared according to the developments of science and technology.